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My opinion of Newgrounds

2008-05-19 14:56:59 by GuineaPog

The unfortunate side effet of havin a flash community as large as newgrouns is that this is the very enviorment where spam and low quality animation can thrive. The idea is good, but unfortunatly enforecment by community vote relies on the idea that people who vote actually have a conciouss. Anywyas its a good community if you do alot of flash. But do look around to places where you can stand out. Deviant art and FA are great sites that have little flash but the option to upload it to your gallery. You can really stand out there. Anyways i only drop by occasionally

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My opinion of Newgrounds


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2008-05-19 16:36:58

There's the possibility that Portal moderators will be introduced soon to cut down on the amount of spam getting through. Low quality submissions may be accepted; spam will be filtered and deleted.

So don't worry about it. :)